Pugwash statement on 2013 Nobel Peace Prize for OPCW

We applaud the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).  The timing of this award is striking.  The OPCW represents an outstanding example of what the international community can accomplish even at the most dire of times.  This is being proven in the on-going Syrian crisis, where in response to the use of chemical weapons bold political moves were made to attempt to avert a further escalation of the already grave military conflict. This creative solution represented ‘out of the box’ thinking and also was discussed at the unofficial “Track II” level, including through the Pugwash network. Continue reading

Utrecht, 30 October 2013: lecture on Governing Geoengineering

As part of its annual meeting, held in Stadskasteel Oudaen, Oudegracht 99, Utrecht, Pugwash Netherlands organises a lecture on Governing Geoengineering that is open to all those who are interested (please contact arthur.petersen@vu.nl). The lecture will start at 18:45 and the subsequent discussion will last until 20:30.

Governing Geoengineering: From Lab Research to the Real (Geopolitical) World

Speaker: Dr Jason Blackstock, deputy director of the Centre for Engineering Policy, University College London Continue reading

Ter herinnering: Jan Gerbrandy (1934-2013)

Midden juni 2013 overleed Dr J.L.F. (Jan) Gerbrandy, lid van Pugwash sinds 1997. Gerbrandy studeerde biologie in Utrecht en Amsterdam en hield zich van 1962 – 1996 als wetenschapper vooral bezig met de bescherming tegen biologische wapens met alles wat daarbij komt kijken, zoals het kennis vergaren over potentieel gevaarlijke agentia. Continue reading