Publicaties van leden van Pugwash Nederland

Edy Korthals Altes

  • Europa Ontwaakt, over de noodzaak van spirituele vernieuwing;
    Uitg. DAMON, Budel 2001; 272 blzn

Irna van der Molen

  • The blessings of the rains : sustainable agriculture, self-sufficiency and different perspectives on water management in the dry zone of Sri Lanka;
    CERES, Research School for Resource Studies for Development. (1999).
  • Equity versus efficiency : gender versus participation : contest in the arena of donor paradigms
    European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, 1999.
  • The bethma practice : promoting the temporary redistribution of lands during drought periods;
    in “Best practices on indigenous knowledge”
    eds.: P. de Guchteneire ea.
    The Hague : Nuffic-CIRAN (1999) 114-121
  • Pangu: a method for distributing the work of maintaining and repairing small-scale irrigation systems;
    in Best practices on indigenous knowledge 
    eds.: de Guchteneire e.a;
    Nuffic-CIRAN (1999)122-126
  • Vision on gender : mainstream or watershed –
    The Hague : Department for Co-ordination of Emancipation Policy of the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment], 2000.
  • Discussion paper for the International Conference on Sustainable Development and Water in International Gender Perspective
    Department for Co-ordination of Emancipation Policy of the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment
    Den Haag, jan2000
  • Visie op gender; hoofdstroom of keerpunt
    Directie Coördinatie Emancipatiebeleid v Ministerie Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid] (2000) 18 p
  • Discussie paper Duurzame Ontwikkeling en Water in Internationaal Emancipatie Perspectief
    Den Haag, januari 2000
  • An assessment of female participation in minor irrigation systems of Sri Lanka
    International Water Management Institute; (2001) p. 53;
    ISBN 92-9090-430-5
  • Roles, responsibilities and representation: standard gender-deviation in farmer organisations in Sri Lanka;
    Technology and Development Group (2001) ISSN 0923-8700
  • Vrouwen, mannen en milieu;
    Tijdschrift over feminisme, cultuur en wetenschap,
    ISSN 0165-8042. – 28 (juni 2001) 43-47
  • Rains, droughts and dreams of prosperity : resourceful strategies in irrigation management and beyond – the Sri Lankan case;
    PhD thesis University of Twente. ISBN 90-365-1654-4

N.J. Schrijver

  • ‘Responding to International Terrorism: Moving the frontiers of international law for ‘Enduring Freedom”?’;
    Netherlands International Law Review, 48 (2001) 271-291.

Ph.B. Smith

  • Why is Aid a Curse and not a Blessing,
    invited paper at the annual conference Club of Rome: “Poverty, Solidarity and Sustainable Development”;
    Valdivia, Chile, 12-14 November, 2001.
  • How Did Economics Get this Way; Can it be Changed?,
    contributed paper at the Eighth Karl Polanyi Conferenc: “Economy and Democracy”;
    Mexico City, 14-16 November, 2001.

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