Internationale Agenda nov 2009 – jan 2010

12 November 2009. Cambridge, UK. Jayantha Dhanapala will deliver a keynote address about Disarmament and Development at Cambridge University, co-sponsored by UK Pugwash and Cambridge Student Pugwash.

13-14 November 2009. Toronto. Canadian Pugwash and 3 other peace groups are sponsoring a two day event at Council Chamber, Toronto City Hall, Zero Nuclear Weapons Forum. The first day’s keynote speakers are noted author Jonathan Schell, His Excellency Mr. Anthony Cary, British High Commissioner to Canada and the Hon. Douglas Roche. Moderator is Alexa McDonough, former leader of the NDP, a Canadian federal party and currently President of Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, NS. On the second day we have scheduled a Workshop on Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone for a 2 hr period in mid-day. Adele Buckley will speak about the future Arctic climate and its link to a NWFWZ.

20-21 November 2009. Beijing. International Pugwash Workshop. Strengthening the International Nuclear Non- Proliferation Regime: Ensuring a Successful NPT Review Conference in 2010, A Joint Conference of the Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Chinese Peoples’ Association for Peace and Disarmament, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

1 December 2009. UK Pugwash is co-sponsoring an event at the Royal Society at which Jayantha Dhanapala will deliver the keynote address, and Baroness Shirley Williams will serve as chair.

10-17 January 2010. Andalo, Italy. 23rd Isodarco Winter Course: The Road to Nuclear Zero and Arms Control

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