Young Pugwash NL event: “Breaking the Silence: the Future of Nuclear Weapons in the Netherlands” (Amsterdam, June 3)

On June 3, Young Pugwash Netherlands will organize an event on the presence of American nuclear weapons on Dutch soil. What is the use and the future of these weapons? Should the Netherlands maintain its commitment to share nuclear weapons within NATO?

The roughly 20 American nuclear weapon stationed at Volkel Airbase are the ‘worst kept secret of the Netherlands’. As the Dutch government maintains a policy of absolute secrecy, the Dutch parliament is unable to hold the executive branch accountable on this vital issue. In the meanwhile, the public is left with unanswered questions about the military and political usefulness of these weapons, the safety and security implications of deployment on Dutch soil, and the ethical implications of continuing to take part in NATO’s nuclear-weapons-sharing scheme.

We will discuss these issues with Sadet Karabulut (member of parliament for the Socialist Party) and Susi Snyder (program manager on nuclear disarmament with PAX for Peace).

More info can be found on Facebook. You can register for the event by completing this form.

Date:            Monday, June 3
Time:           19:30 walk-in, 20:00 start
Location:    VU medical faculty, room MF-A216 (Note: location has been changed!)